Mayan Copan King Ritual Stela 63 Design Sterling Silver Drop Oval Earrings


  • Mayan design dangling earrings
  • Sterling silver with antique Mayan designs
  • Hand manufactured Mayan jewelry pieces
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New trendy jewelry design. This .925 sterling silver oval drop earrings were in detail designed and manufactured in Honduras, where Copan is located, one of the most famous Mayan Civilization cities. Stela 63, the most ancient stela in Copan. The date is the end of the period and it is assumed that the ritual was dedicated to Yax Kãukã Moã his son was also involved in the rite since his name is registered as Kãinich Popol Hol and his title of King 2. These beautiful earrings are 2″ long and 0.75″ wide.